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MCI Asset Management is a Private Investment Group with a 14 year history of Global Investments, allocating proprietary capital to businesses and human development.

Formed in May 2001 to initially look at Investments in Global Property, Equity and Fixed income markets MCI has evolved with a broad focus across a number of different sectors, including emerging markets, special situation investments (Private Companies and Emerging Nations) and in global equity and fixed income securities.

Our investment performance is driven by an alchemy of entrepreneurship, hard work, patience and the commitment to invest boldly on the basis of our convictions not our fears!


MCI Asset Management is an absolute return Fund and derives income via investing its own Proprietary Capital.

Overall Perspective

We focus on the long-term commitments required to maximize the absolute return on investment, without the artificial constraints of short-term performance. Adopting a long-term perspective allows us to be patient and disciplined in our investment approach and to absorb the short-term volatility inherent in investment markets.

Read more about MCI’s Overview.

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